Nothing But The Truth

Feature Film

This is my first score that is truly sparse and limited to three instruments; myself on piano and other synths, a guitar (sometimes electric, acoustic or bass) and cello (sometimes two passes, one rhythmic the other lyrical). The focus of the score is to keep the point of view and attention on Kate Beckinsale’s character at all times. Even though the story is big Washington epic played out on a national stage, the score keeps things very personalized on “Rachel” and the never ending consequences of her actions.
— Larry Groupe´


Thinking Pulitzer Prize and hoping to bring down a President, D.C. political columnist Rachel Armstrong writes that the President ignored the findings of a covert CIA operative when ordering air strikes against Venezuela. The government moves quickly to force Rachel to name her source. She's jailed for contempt when she refuses. First Amendment versus national security, marriage and motherhood versus separation. What's the value of a principle? Written by <>