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Scoring to Picture Lecture Series

From master classes to live performance interactions Larry has built a strong reputation across the country showing examples of his work and how he navigates the Hollywood system with directors, producers and the business climate of the ever changing film and TV industry.

“It was a revelation to learn about the film industry through Larry’s extensive and varied experience, and extremely useful to our graduate composition community.”
— Dr. Mark Applebaum, Stanford

Partial list of institutions where lectures have been given:

UC Berkeley
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
UC San Diego
Indiana U/Jacobs School of Music
Boston University

SUNY Buffalo
Bowling Green
Ohio University
Conservatory of Music,
Univ. of the Pacific
San Francisco State
New England Conservatory

examples of some lecture topics

I discuss the the bolder choice of dark-gothic film noir style for this movie. How the studio wanted something more conventional but thanks to director supporting my vision we get a much better result for the overall film and story arc.
In depth look at the theme and orchestration of a particular score and scene. How descending story arc can play a role in a descending theme.
Every scene needs musical inspiration. Sometimes this can be found by drawing from the events and location around you.