Palomar Film Music Workshops

The Palomar Film Music Workshop is an immersive, in-depth study of the artistic and dramatic craft of creating original music for motion pictures. The workshop is designed for participants from all musical walks of life looking to augment their knowledge of the field and enhance their compositional skills in the unique art of writing music to picture.

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Hands-on learning experience in a relaxed, rural atmosphere.

“From Singapore to Canada, across the USA and the UK, Palomar Film Music Workshops enjoy a wide variety of musical talent and personalities. From current music students, PhD’s, working professionals in the field, and senior university faculty, our collective spirit makes for the most immersive, vibrant and valuable experience.”
— Larry Groupe´, PFMW Founder & Director

PFMW Mission

All faculty are experienced Hollywood professionals able to provide insights into the real world, real music, and real time skills essential for anyone serious about forging a career in professional music making.

Faculty and guest speakers include film and TV composers, orchestrators, directors, producers and editors sharing insights gained from their experiences in the industry.


  • A keen dramatic sensibility towards how music functions best in dramatic situations. Achieved through mentoring and critiquing everyday to a variety of film scenes that you compose to each day.

  • Improving your MIDI demos so you sound more professional to better compete in the industry.

  • Stem creation and how this helps your final recordings.

  • Orchestration and hybrid scoring for the screen which amplifies the most important musical elements when mixed in with dialogue and sfx.

  • Culminating professional Hollywood level recording session of your best composition from the workshop.

  • Business contractual basics and how to monetize your artistic life with a variety of revenue streams.

  • How to make the first steps into the industry though internships and networking.

  • Invaluable experience at the workshop making long term friendships with your fellow composers, faculty and visiting guests.

“This workshop was a life-changing experience for me. Especially to advance your skills as a composer, and to meet other phenomenally gifted aspiring artists who will likely become your future collaborators”!
— Mahlon Berv • Jacobs School of Music, IU.; Royal College of Music, London

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