I Woke Up Early The Day I Died

Feature Film

Infamous cult film director Ed Wood wrote his last script as a silent film and Billy Zane in the starring role delivers! The score which is always up front and deliberate offers up a continuous array of multi-genre cues ranging from Sci-Fi “B” film traditions to dub step to art house delights. I had an absolute blast writing this eclectic score!
— Larry Groupe´


A cross-dressing mental patient escapes from an asylum and robs a bank. The money is soon stolen from him, and he embarks on a killing spree in an attempt to retrieve it.


Larry Groupé's ambient hymns create a melodic melting pot both scary and funny, sad and ironic, connecting you directly to the splintered psychology of "The Thief". As I Woke Up Early The Day I Died was an invitation to dance for a variety of talented artists, Larry rose to the occasion under the natural parameters and pressures of independent filmaking. His dedication and great creativity was truly a gift. Thank you, Larry!!

— Billy Zane • Starring Role/Producer