Feature Film

This is one of my very first scores. I did everything possible with my samples and technology of the time to create a doomsday thriller in this high tension political game of deadly brinkmanship.
— Larry Groupe´


After the death of the President, his successor is on the campaign trail to be re-elected. On a stop in Colorado, he is suddenly snowed in and he and his entourage are forced to take shelter in a small diner. Suddenly, the movie moves into a suspense film as the President learns that Iraq has invaded Kuwait and slaughtered hundreds of American soldiers. Setting up temporary communications, the President announces that he will launch a nuclear attack on Iraq immediately if the country does not withdraw. Iraq reacts that they have 23 nuclear missiles trained on the US that they are ready to launch. Tensions mount with the involved civilians offering a different viewpoint to the President from the normal opinions o f his advisers. Written by John Sacksteder


Larry's music does exactly what it must: it raises the level of a movie's game. It doesn't create emotion, but punctuates it. If you think about the wide array of emotion in the human spectrum, his ability to capture a precise sense of joy or tragedy, exhilaration or desolation is a talent that only the greatest in the business have in their arsenal. Larry Groupé will soon enough officially enter the pantheon of the finest composers in the world. An Oscar or two lies somewhere in his future as will the immortality of some of the most profound music I have ever heard created for the cinema.

— Rod Lurie • Director/Writer